Professional Solutions in Tight Spaces RS17-A Battery Powered Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

Powerful and professional dry vacuum back pack cleaner by Nilco.

New generation of technology: high performance lithium ion battery

Battery powered back pack vacuum cleaner RS17-A is developed to ensure efficient and fast cleaning in tight spaces such as cinema and plane seats. Providing spacious area cleaning where the power outlet is away, RS17-A is extremely efficient in stairs cleaning.


4822_RS17_IMG_5167_mit Akku_V3

Fast and Practical

Able to be carried on the back, provides fast and practical solutions to cleaning works. Has an ergonomic design allows to be utilized in high density areas such as cinema and theatres. Various accessories with different features such as floor apparatus, telescopic vacuum pipe, flexible hose with vacuum adjustment, corner – edge cleaning apparatus, upholstery apparatus and external charger that will facilitate your cleaning, allows easy and fast usage in any area

4822_RS17_IMG_5167_mit Akku u Person

Ergonomic design

* Easy to use with padded waist and shoulder straps

* Easily removable battery

* Can be used during the day with its 69 dB(A) low noise level

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