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Being one of the first brands to serve in the non-domestic consumption business, we have been providing professional solutions through our industrial cleaning machines since 1985; today, we offer professional cleaning services to any business line which requires any kind of cleaning solution.

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Nilco, your professional business partner - We work on the brand new cleaning and hygienic solutions.


Research and development facilities are carried out at our factory in Germany, where new technologies and innovations have been developed

We have two different factories, regional offices and a technical service network in Turkey; we also have a wide range of distributors distributing our products nationally and internationally.

The strictly handled quality management, the logistic systems planned in detail, and a high level of credibility and customer satisfaction are the most import reasons behind the ongoing success story of the brand.


Media Kit

Media Kit

Contact us for corporate sales and dealer agreements

Business Development

Business Development

Please contact us for corporate sales and dealer agreements.


Our values


Our brand provides innovative and superior technology with an understanding of sustainable quality in all fields from production to customer services, and from training to service.

Environmental Consciousness

Inspired by our motto "We redirect cleaning for a greener future", nilco provides environment-friendly products and we aim to minimize the use of resources in our production processes, systems, and products.

Customer Focus

We determine the products and services as per needs of customers provide the most efficient solutions and ensure them achieving fast and effective results in every area that requires cleaning and hygiene. We serve with the understanding of sustainable quality and hygiene. We aim to keep after sales satisfaction at the highest level with our extensive sales network and services.

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High Technology Cleaning and Hygiene Products


To be among the top three brands who provide the best and easiest hygienic solutions for a clean environment and a healthy society.


We shape the sector with our innovative and environmentalist operations and meet product and educational requirements with an understanding of sustainable quality.

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Machinery Plant


Velimeşe Sanayi Bölgesi Çorlu / Tekirdağ

Tel 0(282) 674 42 43-40

Fax 0(282) 674 42 42

Chemicals Plant


Velimeşe Sanayi Bölgesi Çorlu / Tekirdağ

Tel 0(282) 674 48 65-66

Fax 0(282) 674 48 74

Plant in Germany


nilco-Reinigungsmaschinen GmbH Industriestr. 6  71665 Vaihingen/Enz

Phone: +49 (0)7042/912-0

Fax: +49 (0)7042/912-360

Regional Offices


İstanbul Tel : (0212) 698 07 77

Ankara Tel : (0312) 285 07 22

İzmir Tel : (0232) 433 56 78

Headquarters in Turkey


Meşrutiyet Cd. No : 43 Tepebaşı - İSTANBUL

Tel (212) 249 70 69 Pbx

Fax (212) 243 48 56

Sales and Marketing Office


Basın Ekspres Yolu. No:29 K:3 Halkalı 34303 

Küçükçekmece -İSTANBUL

Group of companies

Annual production capacity of our cleaning machinery plant is 500.000 pieces of cleaners; annual production capacity of our chemical agent plant is 75.000 tons of powder detergent, 50.000 tons of liquid detergent and 75.000 tons of detergent raw materials LABSA and SLES, which totally equals 175.000 tons per year.

For more information, please visit us at:,

An affiliate of Fakir Electrical Home Appliances Foreign Trade Co.. For more information:


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Nilco Marine

Nilco Marine makes a difference in the industry through ecologically formulated products for boat cleaning, maintenance, and polishing.



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